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Dental Acupuncture

Around one in twenty of us suffer from feelings of anxiety just by thinking about a visit to the dentist, but help may be at hand. Researches have found that acupuncture can help calm and relax even the most anxious of patients.

Modern research has shown that acupuncture works by stimulation the nervous system to produce a number of effects, modifying the way signals are felt, and releasing natural painkillers – endorphins and serotonin. But acupuncture does more than just control pain and reduce anxiety, it has a generally beneficial effect on health, and many patients feel better in general, and sleep better following a treatment. Generally 70% of patients show some benefits.

The treatment does not take very long and is usually not painful, although sometimes there may be some minor discomfort.

Acupuncture is used in two main ways – firstly to reduce anxiety and produce a mild sedative effect prior to treatment and secondly to help reduce a prominent retch or gag reflex. The fine needles are placed on top of your head, ear or on your chin for 5 minutes before treatment.

As our aim is to ensure your treatment is carried out in the most comfortable way possible, John does not charge for the acupuncture. Please ask him at your next visit.