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Tooth Polishing

Are your teeth looking a little dull, discoloured or stained? Would you like to give your smile a fresh and bright overhaul? If so, the Aquacutt Quattro dental air abrasion and polishing treatment could significantly help to remove years of built up decay and staining.

The system uses AquaAbrasion™. This high-speed water jet comfortably and quickly helps to wash away dirt for superior results that will allow you to smile with pride. Unlike other air abrasion systems it creates less mess and can be effectively targeted as required.

For nervous or younger patients Aquacutt Quattro is ideal. It produces no vibration, loud noise or smell. In fact, it doesn’t even make direct contact with the tooth. Treatment is highly comfortable with no anaesthetics or injections required.

Treatment with the Aquacutt Quattro is also great for helping to increase the effectiveness of a future tooth whitening treatment.