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Tooth Bonding

Do you have small cracks, tooth discolouration or gaps between your teeth that you’d like to close? If so, composite bonding could allow us to quickly, comfortably and conveniently improve the look of these teeth. Carefully matched to your natural tooth colour, an adhesive resin can be used to cover any irregularities helping you to feel truly happy with your smile.

The process is quick – taking just a few minutes – and with minimal removal of the tooth enamel necessary, an anaesthetic is rarely required. Your new composite resin will be hardened with a UV light meaning that it feels strong and secure from the moment you leave the surgery.

Continue your day in comfort- able to eat and drink with no problems.

Composite bonding – the process:

• Your tooth (or teeth) will be prepared with slight removal of the enamel if required
• The composite resin will be prepared and attached to the tooth. It will be shaped as required
• Once hardened it will be polished to give a beautiful finish
• The whole process takes just a few minutes
• Leave the surgery and continue your day in comfort