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Dental Health and the Hygienist

1394 RAW 139Hygienists are key players in the prevention of gum disease which often can affect 40% of the adult population.

Their work is crucial in the fight against gum disease, which can go unnoticed by patients because it is generally painless. If left untreated, gum disease can eventually lead to tooth loss.

They screen for gum disease and clean your teeth, removing the hard build-up of plaque and, leaving your teeth smooth and easier for you to clean. Daily good oral hygiene is the most important factor in keeping your gums healthy and we will advise you on how best to achieve this. We will also give you dietary advice to help combat tooth decay and show you the best products to use to maintain your oral health.

There are many well established links between dental and general health, including heart disease, diabetes and strokes, so the role of the hygienist has never been so important.