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Composite Fillings

Despite the much improved standards of dental health care in the 21st century, it’s very rare for many of us to escape the need for a filling at some point during our lives.

In the pursuit of a more natural looking smile many people now opt for white fillings. White (or composite) fillings blend in beautifully with your existing teeth meaning that no-one need even know they are there at all.

White fillings are also an attractive option for those who may worry about the effects of amalgam and would like to avoid it.

Composite fillings, which incorporate a mixture of plastic and glass have been used since the 60’s. They have become increasingly popular in recent years. Although they have often been considered less durable than amalgam, today modern materials can often boast the same strength and longevity as metal meaning that they are suitable for use in any tooth regardless of the depth of the cavity.

Although they can take slightly longer to place than amalgam, a white filling will often require less removal of your exiting tooth.

For those looking to dramatically overhaul their existing smile or who may be concerned about the effects of mercury on their health, any old amalgam fillings can be easily, quickly and comfortably replaced with white.

Whether you need a new filling, or hope to replace your old ones, composite fillings have become an increasingly popular choice in recent years- allowing you to show off a beautiful, natural looking smile- no matter how many fillings you require.